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January 26 2020 marks the fourth edition of our party of what’s secretly gathering underneath the surface. Subbacultcha and Ancienne Belgique will present nine national acts that value artistic freedom above a broader audience.
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How underground is the Belgian underground? The first 4 of the 9 artists who will play will tell us about it.  You can read the full interviews via this link!


Interview by Jacob McPherson
Photos by Elies Van Renterghem, shot in Brussels

While living and creating music in Leuven, I attended underground parties in the building where my released works were produced. Unfortunately, the space stopped hosting events last year, but it provided a good community for me to experiment and become inspired. A less ‘under-the-radar space’, I mostly go to Magazine 4 in Brussels to discover new music. On the rare occasion I find myself at a bar, I enjoy the crowd and vibe at Le Coq near Bourse.


Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Interview by Simon Baetens
Photo by Tiny Geeroms, shot in Brussels

I struggle with the term ‘underground’ quite a bit, because I think our music is rather superficial. We flirt with the friction between lowbrow and highbrow art and experiment with pop attitudes

Grid Ravage (Yves De Mey trio)

Interview by Dries Robbe
Photo by Tatjana Henderieckx, shot in Antwerp

'If I hear the music of friends I got to master over the last months, I think the underground is doing extremely well. I get a very warm feeling from this: Milan W.,  SKY H1, Mika Oki, Sagat, Hiele… they’re all doing amazing stuff. We don’t have to feel inferior to other countries – on the contrary!


Interview by Jacob McPherson
Photos by Elena Majecki, shot in Brussels

If you consider the internet as a ‘place’, it’s definitely the first ‘location’ that comes to my mind. In thinking of more physical spaces, I’d say my school, the people who teach there, and my friends give me access to a lot of information. In Brussels, some of my favourite spots include Décor Atelier, Brasseries Atlas and the Beursschouwburg.

Read the full interview here

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