AB extends the validity of Concert Cheques and Token Vouchers

We usually have good news for you, lately it's more often been bad news. Now we also bring you bad-good-news! 

AB now closes its doors until the end of the year. You’re probably wondering: “what’s good about that?” Indeed, absolutely nothing. BUT wait! We have decided that any Concert Cheque purchased after 12/03/2019 will automatically remain valid until 31 December 2022. You read that right: 31 December 2022! Because we suspect that the coming months and the coming year will be rather miserable, for the known reasons, we will also automatically make all cheques purchased in 2021 valid until 31 December 2022. 

We extend the validity of new and old cheques so that you no longer have to wonder “what happens to my Concert Cheque?” and “what if this carries on for another year?”.   

We want to get through this pandemic together and reassure you that your gift to your godmother remains usable until our operations are back in full swing. Of course, we’d like nothing better than to see you again! This measure also applies to all (drink) Token Vouchers purchased. You can simply bring them with you to your next concert. Cheers!  

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