Wed 22.01.20

The Colorist Orchestra & Gabriel Rios

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Following on from Emiliana Torrini, The Colorist now joins forces with cosmopolite Gabriel Rios

The Colorist Orchestra always follows unpredictable musical paths, full of adventure and experiment. The eight-member collective around Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans  stands out and enthralls due to a doubly innovative vision: on the one hand there is the unique collaboration with a particular singer-songwriter and, on the other hand, a combination of uniquely applied classical instruments with rather unusual & eclectic equipment.

The fundamental idea behind The Colorist Orchestra is the re-working, the ‘rearrangement’ of a specific artist’s repertoire. Just like a colorist does with a film or a comic strip, new arrangements for existing compositions come about and lead to an ‘acoustic live remix’ or ‘inverted karaoke’ as it were. Those fresh songs are then performed live in an exclusive series of concerts.

The ensemble has already previously joined forces with Emiliana Torrini (Iceland), Cibelle (Brazil), Lisa Hannigan (Ireland), Sumie Nagano (Sweden) and Howe Gelb (USA) and this time extended an invitation to cosmopolite Gabriel Rios. 

Kobe Proesmans (wooden drums, calabash), Aarich Jespers (percussion, flapamba, anklung), Sep François (melodic percussion, hammered mbira, spaak), Wim De Busser (grand piano, prepared piano, keys), Tim Vandenbergh (double bass, electric bass), Inne Eysermans (electronics & undefined objects) Jeroen Baert (violin), Karel Coninx (viola)

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Kurt Overbergh: ‘It should be mandatory for artists with real balls to have their oeuvre handled by The Colorist.’

For fans of Gabriel Rios, Stef Kamil Carlens …
In the press ‘A vibrant, colourful collection of classical and contemporary collisions.’ – ‘****’ (The Guardian over TCO & Emiliana Torrini)
‘Het resultaat is bij vlagen groots en spannend, dan weer klein en ingetogen, maar altijd wonderschoon en betoverend.’ (3 voor 12 over TCO & Lisa Hannigan)

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