Sound Track: a new generation of Brussels artists

Before the summer, more than 1,000 ambitious artists enrolled themselves via for the 1st edition of Sound Track, the brand new stage and route of opportunity from the live sector (including AB and De Brusselse Jeugdhuizen) and Poppunt. Every one of the entries was of very high standard. It cost the demo-jury blood, heatwave sweat and tears to make decisions. Sleepless nights. The choices made were extremely difficult, but the professional opinion of the jury has been formed. 

Without further ado ... the next 16 Brussels artists have earned a much coveted spot on the selection stages of Sound Track: 

Anysa – Coline & Toitoine – Forest Africa Danse Music – Jay MNG – Dhazed – JAKOMO – Linca – TSUGI – Beatsforbeaches – klootzakkenzijnkut – M.Chuzi – Will King Jr – a z e r t y klavierwerke – Dilly – Leonore – PEGA 

During the last weekend of September and the first of October, this up-and-coming new generation of ambitious Brussels artists gets the opportunity to prove itself live. Selection rounds will take place in Zinnema, Jeugdhuis Tongeluk, VOLTA and Jeugdhuis De Schakel. Don’t miss your own opportunity to see the most promising bands, singer-songwriters, MCs, producers and solo-acts of the moment at work. Come cheer them on, come admire them. You will soon be discovering the sound of Brussel from the front row, at a venue somewhere near you. 

● Zinnema in Anderlecht (27/9), with a z e r t y klavierwerke, Dilly, Leonore and PEGA. 
● Jeugdhuis Tongeluk in Ganshoren (28/9), with Dhazed, JAKOMO, Linca and TSUGI. 
● VOLTA in Anderlecht (4/10), with Beatsforbeaches, klootzakkenzijnkut, M.Chuzi and Will King Jr. 
● Jeugdhuis De Schakel in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (5/10), with Anysa, Coline & Toitoine, Forest Africa Danse Music and Jay MNG. 

More info about the artists and the shows? Want to be kept up to speed about Sound Track? Check out www.sound-track.beFacebook and Instagram


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