On the sofa with SCHNTZL

I’m sitting opposite Hendrik Lasure and Casper Van De Velde (average age: 23). Together they form the Brussels jazz duo SCHNTZL, where they combine jazz and electronica.The two grabbed attention three years ago with their untitled debut album, from which the opening track 'Lindbergh' also became the first track on the 'Lefto presents Jazz Cats' collector. They will appear at AB on 09.04 and in February they release their second album ‘Catwalk’. They exude enthusiasm during our conversation in the AB Salon. We were honoured to dish them up a few unique questions.


How’s the Brussels jazz scene?
Hip and happening, in all of Flanders actually. We rehearse and spend a lot of time in Volta and very many bands play there. There is also a common space and that creates a sort of community.

When we were still studying, we used to go jam more in Ghent, for example, but we’re doing that less now. Now we’re more focused on creating, crafting with the instrument.

How’s it going with the new album 'Catwalk'?
It’s finished and will be out on 5/2/20, on CD and vinyl. It is more resolute than our previous album, slightly less piano-drums oriented and more evocative. A next step in our development, a more specific world of sound.

What has influenced you?
Birds, anime, incidence of light, the diversity of human traits. But also computers, everything around us actually.

Do you come to AB often?
We don’t actually, we don’t go to concerts that much because we’re so preoccupied with performing ourselves.

What is your ultimate dream as a musician?
To continue as we are. We are really very grateful to be able to do all this and that things are going well. We have found our own thing that we want to do, but that is also only possible because we’ve had such support from good people. It’s wonderful – this is really our ultimate dream.

Which concert are you looking forward to?
Hendrik: Big Thief is coming in March and I really want to see that.
Casper: This is quite atypical, but something I really want to see is a festival for old music in Leuven. Tallis Chamber Choir, renaissance music, will be appearing there.
Hendrik: You want to see that? That’s really weird (laughs)

What can people expect from your show?
Reassurance and comfort.

ok! See you later!

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