HOARD a Concert Cheque!

Oh how we miss your energy, warmth, applause, dancing, singing, sweating, shouting and conversation!  If only the clock would tick faster so that we can again enjoy the best live music together. 

Don’t stop at toilet-paper. Hamster a Concert Cheque. Gift yourself, your mother, your father, your sweetheart, and your friend-with-a-birthday a Concert Cheque. Already save a spot at your next live concert and commit to being a part of the most important part of AB again: our very dear audience.

The Concert Cheques remain valid for 18 months. So there’s plenty of time to choose your favourite concert after the Corona crisis has passed. 

Order now!



Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 31st of August will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.