AB Session with GEIKE

Geike Arnaert was the face of Hooverphonic for 11 years, but at the end of 2008 the West Flemish singer opted for a solo career. In 2017, 9 years later, there was suddenly 'Zoutelande'! Geike sang in Dutch for the first time on this huge hit by the Dutch band BLØF, and it worked: the track broke records left, right and centre. In The Netherlands, 'Zoutelande' was declared the biggest Dutch-language hit ever and BLØF & Geike won the MIA for Hit of the Year 2018 in Belgium.

In the meantime, Geike continued to work on solo material. The result, an exceptionally high-quality pop album sung in English. 

She will play at AB on 01.02 . Buy your ticket HERE!

Listen to the gorgeous and fragile acoustic version of 'Off Shore' :



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