zo 01.11.20

LIVE STREAM - Mama's Open Mic

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Spoken word, slam, muziek & veel liefde!

Time for another Mama's open mic in Brussels! Or... from our place, through livestream, to your place! Because the show must go on(line)!


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Join this Mama's Open Mic, these lovely people will be there too:

Lisette Ma Neza
Captain Frakas
Hosted by: Adil Aarab
Sounds by DJ Fadel


‘How does it work?’ - We're giving Open Mic'ers a spot IN BETWEEN the headliners. Before each headliner performs there will be 3/4 spots for Open Mic'ers to perform before them. Since it's a special, online event, there are a few technical rules and a timetable attached to this edition. No worries, you've got this, we will send you an e-mail with more info.

‘Ok, ok where do I sign in?’ - Drop us a line at mamasopenmicprojects@gmail.com and you'll get a spot assigned for the evening. Spots in the Open Mic are on a first come, first serve basis so contact us early!

‘Can I bring my own music?’ - YESS!

MOM is a "safe space", meaning there is no room for -isms (racism, sexism, ableism, ageism,...) nor for phobias (fatphobia, islamophobia, transphobia,...). In the name of empowerment and inclusion we will be facilitating an environment of mutual respect and take the necessary measures to KEEP it that way!!

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Dit type live stream met real time open participatie van wereld slammers alle slag, een huzaren onderneming! Proficiat aan alle medewerkers en deelnemers. Het laat ons leven in gemeenschap! Hoe kan ik danken? Lots of love, Senior Brave Paul :)
Excellent vibes, thank you X
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