Your visit to AB

This is your first visit to the AB? You have been here before but you are not sure about? This is an overview of the house rules!

Time schedule concerts

The hour mentioned on the concert page should – if all goes according to plan - be the correct hour on which the concert starts. Doors open app. one hour before. Mind you: the timing could always change slightly, eg when there is an opening show.

The exact timing will be announced 2 days prior to the concert on the concert page and in the Facebook event. So before you head down to the AB, it's best to take a quick look on our website.

Normally concerts in the main hall start at 8 pm, concerts in the Club at 8.30 pm; we try to make sure that all concerts are finished by 10.30 pm. Exceptions are possible. To see the latest concert details, please visit the concert pages.


Children aged under 12 years (one child per adult) are allowed free entrance to concerts organised by the AB or concerts organised by AB and a co-organizer. Even when the concert is sold out! If you would like to know whether a concert is being organised by the AB, please check the top of the concert page (Organisation). This does however not count for seated concerts in the ABTheatre (you can see this at the concert page) and concerts that are not being organised by the AB. Attention, for concerts that take place at the AB Ballroom, AB Box or AB Club visibility for children can be limited. 

Smoking Ban in AB

From January 1st 2006, smoking is prohibited in public spaces, including the AB.
The law on safety personnel provides for a strictly advisory function for safety agents. They can point out to people that smoking is prohibited within the AB and ask them to extinguish their cigarettes, but their authority ends there. Under law, they have no right whatsoever to take further action; such action can only be taken by the police or a civil servant authorised to do so.

The Ancienne Belgique works with the Ministry for Public Health, whose officers regularly patrol our venue and issue fines. However, due to a shortage of staff, they are unable to attend every concert, but such patrols will be carried out in the future.

The Ancienne Belgique itself can merely advertise the smoking ban clearly and alert smokers to the ban; its authority does not go beyond this.


Go downstairs at the right side or the left side of the Agora. There you find the individual lockers. Unfortunately the number of lockers is limited. It is best to share lockers or to arrive in time so as to have more luck in finding a free locker, especially in wintertime.

There are 2 types lockers:
1: H80 cm W20 cm D50 cm 
2: H165 cm W12 cm D50 cm 

Hearing damage

In accordance with the flanking measures of the charter relating to the limitation of hearing damage during musical activities, we hereby inform the audience that the sound level in the hall can exceed 96 dB(A). It is always possible for the audience to have the necessary means of personal protection at their disposal in the AB, earplugs, to provide effective reduction of sound levels.

Out of concern for the well-being of its visitors, the Ancienne Belgique has always taken as many measures as possible to help prevent hearing damage. The applicable noise level standards are strictly adhered to and ear-plugs are made available to all visitors, free of charge.  


  • If you think the concert is too loud, disposable earplugs are available free of charge at the various bars in the building.
  • For the price of 4€(2x2€), re-useable earplugs are available from the dispensers in the Agora and at the entrance to the Club.

In order to ensure an even better level of service, from now on, the AB also has a number of professional protective ear muffs for children available for use. These ear muffs can be borrowed for the duration of the concert. Speak to one of the AB stewards at the entrance to our hall if you wish to make use of this service. They will help you further and you will also return the ear muffs to them after the concert. You will be asked for your identity card as bond for lending the ear muffs. 

First aid

In case of a faint, nosebleed or another discomfort (or possibly more serious things) you can always call upon a steward. They are all trained to give you professional assistance.

AB is labelised « Quality Nights » !

Quality Nights

The Quality Nights label gathers nightclubs, concert halls, themed festive events, bars and festivals that take special care of party goers by providing them with useful services relating to their health. AB  have acquired this quality label by providing the following: free drinking water at the toilets, low-priced condoms at the toilets, health information brochures, information on safe transport home, trained staff, early warnings on circulation of dangerous drugs, earplugs at two dispensers (at the entrance and at the Agora space).



We reject any form of physical or verbal abuse, harassment and respectless behaviour!

Do you have a problem? Our security people and staff are always ready to help you.


For the sake of everyone dogs or other pets are not allowed in the AB.

Photo, video and audio

Photo, audio or videoshooting is prohibited. All equipment that can be used to shoot pictures or record sound are prohibited in the AB.



More practical info

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